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jewelry for momJust like the love between mother and child, jewelry is the gift that lasts forever.

Still trying to figure out the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Start by thinking about what you can give Mom that she’ll treasure forever.

Flowers wilt. Scarves fade. Chocolates are consumed. But jewelry is different. Not only does jewelry remain beautiful and stay with mom her entire life, but every trip to the jewelry box will remind her of your unconditional love and the time you spent together on her special day.

The idea of the gift that carries life-long sentiment is more popular than ever before in America. The National Retail Federation estimates that jewelry will account for more than one-third—34.4%—of the gifts moms will receive on Mother’s Day this year. The average spend, according to the report, is about $170.

earrings for momThe good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry, as my friend Geraldine Guivas, operator of the popular fashion blog Passion for Shoes, always says. “When someone you love gives you jewelry, it becomes much more valuable than the price on the tag,” she points out. “The added element—the emotional tie—makes the piece priceless.”

Necklaces, like the Clover & Wildflower Necklace we just introduced this week on our website, are very popular this year. So are the earrings featured in this post, which are available in an impressive variety of colors that can complement mom’s hair or match the color of her sparkling eyes.

“I don’t know a single woman who expresses disappointment over a gift of jewelry,” says Geraldine. “Like other personal items like shoes or makeup—which also make great Mother’s Day gifts—jewelry helps mom complete her look and feel good about herself.”

mom earringsWhen you pick the right jewelry, mom won’t be the only one who notices. All her friends will compliment her as well. And when they tell her how beautiful she looks wearing that necklace or earrings or charm bracelet—guess what? She will again be reminded of your love. And isn’t Mother’s Day all about making mom feel special?

Just be sure to place online orders on the London Manori website by midnight on Thursday, May 9, 2013 to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day—otherwise you might need to print a picture of your gift and tape it inside her Mother’s Day card for her to appreciate while her loving gift makes its way to her in the mail.

Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Aneela Manori, owner of London Manori