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At the very beginning it is very important to choose a knowledgeable jeweler, one you can trust.

Many lives have been brightened by London Manori’s reputation for delivering quality diamonds.  We are committed to finding you the most beautiful diamond within in your budget.

There are many aspects to making a confident decision when choosing the right diamond.  You will need to first familiarize yourself with the four C’s:  Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.


The most popular shapes are round, princess, emerald and oval.

At London Manori we have diamonds for every taste.

CUTThe cut is a design used when shaping a diamond, such as the Brilliant Cut. Cut does not refer to shape, but to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond.

A diamond’s greatest sparkle comes from being cut to the proper proportions.  The cut allows it to make the best use of light. When a diamond is cut correctly, light is reflected from one facet to another, then dispersed through the top of the stone. Each facet must be placed in exact geometric relation to one another for maximum brilliance.  The 58 facets of a Brilliant Cut have been arranged in precise alignment.  If the cut of the diamond is too deep, some light escapes through the opposite side of the pavilion, making the stone look darker. If the cut is too shallow, light escapes through the pavilion before it can be reflected, creating a watery look.


Diamonds range from colorless to light yellow.  There are also a few colored diamonds known as fancy diamonds.  The best color for a diamond is no color at all, colorless, representing the highest color grade. A completely colorless diamond allows light to pass through it easily, resulting in the light being dispersed in the color of a rainbow.

The differences from one grade to another are very subtle.  It takes a trained eye with years of experience, under proper lighting conditions to color grade a diamond.

All London Manori diamonds are color graded according to gemological stand

CLARITYClarity of a diamond is determined by the visual appearance of its internal impurities, known as inclusions, and also the external defects known as blemishes.   Both these characteristics can interfere with the light passing through the diamond.

The fewer the imperfections, the more beautiful the diamond will be.  A diamond that is free of inclusions and blemishes is very rare and much more valuable.

All London Manori diamonds are clarity graded according to gemological standards.

CARAT WEIGHTThe measurement of a diamonds weight is called carat.  One carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore a 50 point diamond equals half a carat, or 0.50ct.  Larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds of the same quality, are in greater demand, and may be sold for a higher price. Remember it’s not just the carat weight that helps determine the diamond’s value, but also the quality of the stone at that weight.

Take your time when purchasing your diamond.  London Manori can help you make this important choice.