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Every magazine I open is dedicated to bold trends such as Tassels and Fringes and some not so bold trends such as the exotic metal of rose gold.  No matter what type of person you are there surely is something to suit your style this year.

It’s imperative to know the trends of each season especially if you have a flair for current fashion.  I’ve compiled a list for you, your personal cheat sheet, of jewelry trends for 2011.
2011 Colors
Major color trends in jewelry, for both men and women alike, are black, grey and white.  Theses colors (or shades) are easy to mix and match with other big players such as blue, cream, taupe, light green, violet, purple, red, yellow and orange.  These colors are best worn with elements such as glass, crystals, pearls, leathers, and stainless steel which has been anodized giving it the black color.  Let your own individuality shine through.
Rose Gold & Silver Jewelry
Rose gold, rose tone and sterling silver is the hottest trend of the moment!  The rising cost of gold will most likely influence consumers to purchase the ‘look’ of gold without compromising quality.  “Dipping” gold onto silver is known as vermeil and this process has become very popular in the recent years.  So if you cannot afford a piece made out of exotic rose gold purchase something dipped with this sexy and super flattering metal.
Tassels & Fringe
One of my favorite trends of the moment is tassels & fringe.  Imagine huge draping tassels and fringes on your handbags, earring, belts, necklaces or pretty much any accessory you can think off.  This 70’s inspired style is hitting all the runways from Dior to other world renowned designers such as Valentino. You can find great Victorian jewelry and designer vintage costume jewelry with tassels and fringes online and at various vintage markets.
Motif Jewelry
Multicolored birds, amusing spiders, sensual snakes and other motifs inspired by nature are finding their way onto fingers, wrists and necks.  So indulge, these conversation starters are very trendy and may inspire you to brighten up other pieces of your wardrobe.
Textured Jewelry Designs
Textured jewelry can create a unique twist on a classy look.   Texture can change the way jewelry feels, looks, moves and how the light reflects off it.  Hammer cuts and diamond cuts will give a polished piece and an edgier quality.
Massive, Dramatic and Heavy Metals
Think big and bold.  Bigger is definitely better this year.  Dramatize your pieces to attract major attention.  Massive metal pieces, bold bracelets, leather cuffs and exaggerated rings?  Check, check, check and check!  Don’t be shy, be excessive and think outrageous!
Pearls, Pearls, Pearls
Real pearls, fake pearls, pearls are everywhere.  Make sure you have pearls.  They are classic, sweet and full of luster and can be worn many ways.  Start with a classic pearl strand or think outside the box and sport an over the top pearl on a massive ring.  Incorporate pearls with your antique collections or put a modern twist to them and wear them with your rose gold collection.  Chanel’s long pearl necklace is a timeless example of the beauty of pearls.
Antique, Vintage, & Retro
Give vintage a modern look.  If you have some old broaches add them to a strand of pearls.  Love estate sales?  Purchase some old buttons and have them set in a daring ring.  Mix antique, vintage and retro jewelry to design a unique look.   London Manori Vintage Collection coming soon.
Chandelier Earrings
Hoop earrings are extremely versatile. This trend is still strong, so take another brilliant step forward and indulge in a pair of glamorous chandelier earrings.  Elegance is key but don’t be afraid to go long and big.  Feel free to glitz and glam it up.
Green Eco Jewelry
“Recycle and reuse” jewelry is popping up everywhere.  Recycled jewelry is interesting and exciting.  You can find one of a kind pieces made with 100% recycled material.  Recycled jewelry is not only made out of recycled gold and metals but also paint, nature, paper, plastics and the list goes on.  Recycled jewelry is great for the environment and also a part of fast growing trend.
These are the trends for 2011.
Happy shopping!
London Manori