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As part of my New Year’s resolution I promised myself that I would start a London Manori blog.
Already January 20, 2011 I’m realizing that instead of starting at the beginning when the company was established in 2008 that I will start with the present.
I love my company, I love the product and I love all the beautiful people out there who have supported us.  The most satisfying part of this business is walking down the street and spotting a stranger sporting one of our beautiful London Manori pieces.
Here is a quick overview of the London Manori line.  We use real materials such as Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum and Leathers.   Without compromising quality we have made our ‘Silver’ line affordable to the clients who want to look good, feel good and have jewelry that will last them a lifetime.  Our items are unique, fashionable and totally affordable.
As time goes by I will let you know of new exciting pieces that we are working on, press that we receive and of course all the details of the cool stores that we are in.
Here is one to start you off:
I hope you find pleasure in my blog.  I promised to keep them short, sweet and full of shimmer.
Happy New Year,
London Manori